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Who I am

Master Students
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Lab(CBBL)
Research Area: CADD & Bioinformatics

B.Sc. 2015 Biology,Gyeonsang National University(GNU),Korea

What I do

New drug candidate discovery for NFAT selective inhibition in Calcineurin pathway(2015)


My Work

1. Computational Biology (Molecular Modeling)
The most distinctive feature of this research field is to use computer for studying biological phenomena. The state of art modern computational methods for bioscience study include molecular dynamics (MD) simulation, molecular docking, homology modeling etc.
2.Computer-Aided Molecular(Drug) Design
This hot field means the systematic molecular design using computer and it consists of 2D/3D QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships) and developing pharmacophore model and data searching for the new lead molecules.
3. Bioinformatics/Systems Biology
Since the HGP was completed, this biodata analysis area is becoming a new exciting research field of modern biology.

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