Lab Meeting Schedule 2007

Date Speaker Subject
Sep. 28, Fri. 3PM Nagakumar Insights into ValRS Pre-Transfer Editing
Sep. 21, Fri. 12PM Liu Shui Clusterin and Bcl-XL

Archive for Old Presentation Files

Date Speaker Subject
Sep. 19, Wed. 3PM Navaneeth Two-pore domain (K2p) K+ channels
Sep. 7, Fri. 3PM Kavitha Dynamic Pharmacophore Model for PTP1B allosteric site with a7
Jul. 13, Fri. 2PM Yuno Lee Homology modeling for JEC5
Jul. 6, Fri. 4PM Yuno Lee Review Molecular Dynamics Simulations of RNA: An In Silico Single Molecule Approach
Jun. 28, Thu. 4PM Navaneeth KcsA closed and open: modelling and simulation studies
Jun. 22, Fri. 4PM Nagakumar
Zinc Ion Effect on Amino Acid Binding in tRNA Synthesis

Importance of Accurate Charges in Molecular Docking: Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical (QM/MM) Approach

Jun. 20, Wed. 4PM Kavitha
Liu Shui
Probing TIR1-IAA7 Complex Stability

The dynamics and energetics of water permeation and proton exclusion in aquaporins

Jun. 7, Thu. 2PM Prettina
Molecular Dynamics Simulation & Mutation Study along with Probing ATP Binding Site in Hfq Protein

 Molecular Engineering Study of Cytochrome P450 3A4

May. 31, Thu. 4:30PM Junsu Park Rehearsal for the graduation presentation : PPARg
May. 16, Wed. 4PM Navaneeth Molecular Modeling Study of ATP-dependent CodWX Protease in Human Friendly Bacterium Bacillus subtilis
May. 7, Mon. 2PM Liu Shui
Junsu Park
Rehearsal for the graduation presentation
May. 5, Fri. 4:30PM Kavitha Allosteric Inhibition of PTP1B
May. 4, Thu. 3PM Liu Shui Rehearsal for the graduation presentation: Molecular Dynamics Study for Interaction between Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator and its Inhibitors
Apr. 20, Fri. 4PM Nagakumar Metal Ions in Biological Systems: A Case Study of Maintenance of Ion in MD Simulations
Apr. 13, Fri. 4PM Nagakumar F-Box Protein Transport Inhibitor Response1. (TIR1)
Apr. 6, Fri. 4PM Yuno Lee BsL13 (Ribosomal protein) with BsOBG, AtL13 with AtOBG
Mar. 29, Thu. 5PM Prettina

RNA binding protein (Hfq)

Introduction of SUMO (an Ubiquitin-like protein)
Mar. 16, Fri. 5PM Junsu Park PPAR
Mar. 8, Thu. 5PM Kavitha
Yuno Lee
Receptor based non-sugar derivative

Homology model of Obgs
Feb. 27, Tue. 3PM Sungmi Kim miRNA: Argonaute proteins
Feb. 21, Wed. 3PM Kavitha TRX
Feb. 6, Tue. 3PM Nagakumar Docking study of a-glucosidase
Jan. 25, Thu. 2PM Prettina System Biology - TRX
Jan. 16, Tue. 2PM Liu shui Molecular Dynamics Studies on uPA
Jan.10, Wed. 4PM Navaneeth MD Simulation: Cod WX
Jan. 9, Tue. 3PM Undergraduate Students PPARg or miRNA
Jan. 9, Tue. 2PM L. Q. Vang Data mining
Jan. 4, Thu. 3PM Junsoo Park PPAR(Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor)
2006.Dec. 26, Tue. 10:20AM Yuno Lee Results: DPE(D-Psicose Epimerase) & OBG
2005.09.07.Wed Junsu Park PPAR(Peroxisome proliferator activated receptor)
2005.09.07.Wed Yuno Lee AK(Adenosine kinase)
2005.08.26.Fri Yuno Lee AK(Adenosine kinase)
2005.08.26.Fri Eunyoung Lee Immunology(B cell)
2005.08.26.Fri Minsung Kim Immunology(T cell)
2005.08.12.Fri Kavitha NF-B(Nuclear factor kappaB)
2005.05.05.Thr Kavitha HIV- integrase pharmacophore model

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